Transferring property to a family member

Looking at selling or transferring property to a family member?

I can help! 

If you’re considering transferring property to a family member as a gift, or wish to sell a property to a family member, I can prepare the necessary documentation and guide you through the whole process to ensure the transaction is completed as smoothly as possible.
If you wish to sell a property, or have negotiated to purchase property directly from a family member, you may require a Contract and Form 1 (“cooling-off forms”).

I can prepare the Contract accurately to reflect what has been agreed between the Vendor(s) and Purchaser(s) including the drafting of special conditions. I’ll also order the necessary government searches on your behalf and prepare the Form 1’s ensuring that all information required by law has been disclosed to the Purchaser.

Once the Contract and Form 1 has been signed by all parties, I deal with all the mechanics and legal aspects, and liaise with you, your bank, Lands Titles Office and Stamp Duties Office to ensure a complete, legally binding and professional settlement.

For professional service, advice you can trust, and a stress-free experience transferring property to a family member, contact Conveyancing Specialists in Prospect or Henley Beach.

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