Selling your own home

Selling a house or selling your own home?

Before you sign on the dotted line, talk to an independent Conveyancer.

What Conveyancers do for the Vendor

If you’re selling your own home or an investment property, it can be an exciting, but also daunting and overwhelming experience. It also requires the preparation and execution of a legal Contract and Form 1 (“cooling-off forms”).

Therefore it’s a smart move to speak with your Conveyancer before you appoint a real estate agent and before you sign any Contract prepared for you by the agent. As your Conveyancer, I can alert you to specific matters that need to be addressed in the sale of the property, and advise you on any special conditions required by you, or requested by the buyer. I can also review your Contract before you sign.

As your Conveyancer my role in the selling process is to offer professional advice and assistance on matters including:

  • Reviewing the Contract and Form 1 (“cooling-off forms”) before you sign
  • Understanding special conditions or “subject to?” clauses in the Contract
  • Your legal obligations including your insurance responsibilities
  • The buyer’s cooling-off rights
  • Confirm which items are to be excluded and included in the property and that they are accurately reflected in the Contract
  • Your rights to withdraw from the sale
  • Circumstances in which a party can avoid settlement

I also provide specific conveyancing services involved in selling your own home, or a property you own, including:

  • Reviewing the Contract before you sign
  • Advising on the information in Form 1
  • Searching with government departments and local authorities for anything affecting the property
  • Ensuring compliance with all special conditions in the Contract and time limits
  • Advise on current smoke alarm and pool fencing legislation
  • Attending to the Verification of Identity (VOI)
  • Arranging the preparation and execution of the Memorandum of Transfer
  • Arranging the preparation and execution of other documents that may be required
  • Liaising with your financial institution to arrange the discharge of your existing mortgage
  • Calculation of adjustments of rates and taxes
  • Payment of outstanding rates and taxes
  • Preparation of adjustment statements and settlement statements
  • Obtaining a special reading from SA Water of your water meter and attend to adjustment
  • Liaising with all parties to affect settlement
  • Attending to settlement on your behalf
  • Notifying Government Authorities of change of ownership
  • Notifying agent that property has settled

For professional service, advice you can trust, and a stress-free experience when selling your own home or selling a house, contact Conveyancing Specialists in Prospect or Henley Beach.

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